May 2006

Game Haiku – 05/28/06 – Padres 10, Cards 8

Pujols homers, but
Cards fall short in game where few
balls fell short of fence.

Game Haiku – 05/27/2006 – Cards 4, Padres 3

Ponson returns and
gets a win.  Yadi saves game
instead of Izzy. 

Game Haiku – 05/26/06 – Padres 7, Cards 1


Cards are weak, suspect
food poisoning.  Did Bonds taint
the sourdough bread?

Game Haiku – 05/24/06 – Cards 10, Giants 4

Bullpen comes through with
hits, a homer. Has Albert
been tutoring them?

Jack Clark: Where Is He Now?

Clarkbig_2Jack Clark got interviewed on the Midwest Sports Report last night.  He’s my all time biggest Cardinal crush – and lately, he’s literally the biggest.  He’s beginning to resemble Tony Soprano.  This is fine with me, as I think Tony is sexy too.  Jack is now the hitting coach for the River City RascalsSopranosjf1_sml_3He was the Rascals’ manager and then the Dodgers’ hitting coach but he got fired, and then he wrecked his motorcycle when he wasn’t wearing a helmet.  So he may have fallen on somewhat hard times and may have a steel plate in his head, but I still love him.   And I was glad FSN Midwest recycled the clip of him hitting that homer against the Dodgers in the 1985 LCS – I never get tired of seeing that. 

Game Haiku – 05/23/06 – Cards 8, Giants 5


Matty Mo, we miss
you, dude! (even if you are
less hot with the beard).

Game Haiku – 05/22/06 – Giants 9, Cards 2

Wright proves tough to beat.
Bullpen lets things get out of
hand. Can’t win ’em all.

Tony Tells Ozzie to Bark at the Moon

Yesterday’s Post-Dispatch featured an interview with Ozzie Smith in which The Wizard stated he was not interested in being involved with the Cardinals’ organization as long as the current management was in place.  This was traced back to bad blood between Ozzie and LaRussa based on Ozzie’s final season, when LaRussa did not make him the starting shortstop, a position Ozzie apparently felt he deserved in perpetuity despite the fact he batted .199 the previous season, was 41 years old, and had serious arm woes. Well, Tony snapped back today and said that Ozzie would not be invited to Spring Training anymore given yesterday’s remarks, so he didn’t have to worry about RSVPing.  I couldn’t agree more with Tony on this one.  Ozzie really needs to forget his beef with Tony and move on.  He is beloved in St. Louis and would be a great asset to Spring Training and other team functions.  It’s too bad his ego won’t let him see that his dislike for the manager does not mean he needs to deprive the organization and the city of his presence. I wouldn’t argue with Tony’s strategy during Ozzie’s final year – yes, it might not have been the sentimental choice, but Ozzie still got plenty of playing time and the Cards made it to the NLCS, so apparently the manager knew what he was doing.  And he still does. Go Cards! Don’t let Barry hit 715 tonight!

Game Haiku – 05/21/06 – Cards 10, Royals 3

Cards sweep! Pujols gets
22nd homer. More
exciting than Bonds.

Game Haiku – 05/19/2006 – Cards 9, Royals 6

Carp gives up more runs
than the Cards have given him
lately. Still gets win.

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