May 2006

Retro Haiku – Get Fired up For BBQing KC!

I-70 World
Series: my crush on George Brett
divides loyalty

Game Haiku – 05/18/06 – Cards 6, Mets 3

Cards beat the first place
Mets! Nice to win a series
against a good team.

Payback for Lima

Nice to see the Cards beat up on Jose Lima today.  I live in LA and attended the division series game in 2004 when Lima beat the Cards.  He sure was unstoppable that day.  I’ve never seen LA fans so excited and into a game that wasn’t being played by the Lakers.  He’s a pitcher who is fun to watch because he gets so fired up and you can tell he’s passionate about the game – but I am glad today’s outcome was better for us.  It’s also great to win a series against a competitive team for a change.

So Albert got a day off today because his back was stiff.  I needed a day off blogging yesterday to recover from watching him slip on the on-deck circle.  That was a moment of terror and I felt like I conjured up another stupid rain-induced injury by posting my haiku about Vince Coleman and the killer tarp! 

Game Haiku – 05/16/06 – Mets 4, Cards 3 – Rain Delay

Rain falls. Fans are in
limbo just like unbaptized
babies, Jim Edmonds

Day Off – Retro Haiku

When the Cards get a rare and well-deserved day off, I will keep my haiku-writing muscles active by delivering haikus about my memories of growing up a Cards fan.


Rain delay at Busch:
fans don brockabrellas; Vince
Coleman maimed by tarp



Game Haiku – 5/14/06 – Dbacks 7, Cards 6

Bullpen falters and
Cards fall short. Adam Wainwright
fallible – who knew?

Let’s All Try to Pretend Albert Doesn’t Have 19 Homers

Albert smoked his 19th homer last night, setting a record by becoming the fastest player to reach 19 homers at this point in the season, which, let’s all keep in mind, is very early in the season.  It’s hard not to think about the steroid-rumor-tinged home run records Pujols might be able to smash this year,  and by smashing, restore our collective faith in the game. But I am trying my best not to think about it.  Sure, I would love to see 80 homers out of the guy, but I don’t want him to have to carry that pressure for 4 and half months.  Just as Albert makes it look easy, we should go easy on him and just enjoy this ride.  That being said, I’d sure love to see him hit #20 today!

Game Haiku – 5/13/06 – Cards 9, Dbacks 1


Marquis breaks bad streak
with a win, although the first
inning sure scared me

Sign Edmonds, puhleez…

Yesterday’s Post Dispatch story on Jim Edmonds’ unclear fate with the Cardinals was troublesome. It’s true that Jim is turning 36, but I think he has a few more good years in him. He’s coming out of his early season slump and starting to hit, and his gold glove defense can be counted on.  Plus, I think the team needs a veteran like Jimmy Baseball. He’s an anchor for the team.  As if that weren’t enough, I have another very good reason why Jim should stay in St. Louis- he’s still the best-looking Cardinal. We Cardinal chicks have been
burned too many times by good-looking players being sent away – Andy
Van Slyke, Keith Hernandez, etc. Jim’s perfect hair alone is worth the $10 million option – can’t you owners see that?!?!

Game Haiku – 5/12/06


Edmonds homers!  Did
Post story on his contract
woes fire him up?

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