June 2006

Game Haiku – 06/30/06 – Royals 7, Cards 5

Suppan helps himself
with hits, but Cards miss many

Pujols’ Cuisine to Debut at Fair

According to the Post, Pujols 5, Albert’s restaurant that will be opening in Westport in August, will have a booth at Fair St. Louis.  So venture onto "Eats Bridge" to be among the first to sample Albert’s cooking.  I hope Mrs. Pujols’ Arroz Con Pollo isn’t too spicy because it’s likely to be hot enough at the Fair. 

Like Seat Cushions from Heaven

Phew! My streak of not posting ends as the Cards’ victory propels me back into blogging.  Actually, I wasn’t boycotting due to the 8-game losing streak, but doing some traveling and working in LA.  I am dividing my time lately between STL (my hometown) and LA (my adopted town), spending time in STL helping my dad who is having some health problems.  I find it much easier to keep tabs on the Cards and keep up the blog when I’m in the Lou, obviously. Reading all the Post coverage and watching games on FSN is definitely preferable to skimming news off the net and catching haiku-like highlights on ESPN News. 

Watching the Cards in the last couple games of this losing streak made me feel as powerless and depressed as I did during the 2004 World Series.  It just seemed like nothing was going our way and that the boys weren’t playing to win.  If we were hitting, we weren’t pitching, or vice versa.  They just didn’t look like the same team that rocketed through April and May.  And tonight was no exception, as the bullpen and defense squandered a solid Carp performance and would have blown another game, if not for the Indians catcher missing a pop up (he should have to run some laps for that).  A bright spot was Taguchi running hard and making it to 2nd base on that error. I don’t think many other guys on the team besides Eckstein would have run that one out.  I hope his spirit, and the rain of the giveaway seat cushions, will inspire the club to start another kind of streak – the winning kind.

Game Haiku – 06/28/06 – Cards 5, Indians 4

It’s raining free seat
cushions. Alleluia! Cards
win. Amen! Amen!

Game Haiku – 06/10/06 – Brewers 4, Cards 3


Corey Hart’s hit wins
game. Cards beat by guy who wears
sunglasses at night?

Game Haiku – 06/09/06 – Cards 10, Brewers 6

Mulder shelled; offense
battles back.  Spezio seems
to be over flu.

Sweep Leaves Cards Red-Faced

RetireelunchWell, sooner or later, the Cards were going to get swept in their new stadium. The Reds beat us while we were down, and we slipped out of first place. Ape Culture‘s curmudgeonly film critic Art Haarper, a longtime Cards fan, put it well:  "They are suffering from ARS (Albert Removal Syndrome).  The major symptoms are weak pitching and a general lack of offense.  It is quite similar to the AIS (Albert Ineffective Syndrome) they suffered in the last couple of playoffs." 


Series Haiku – Cards Swept by Reds

Pitchers can’t stop Reds.
Albert can’t help. These games don’t
merit own haikus.

Game Haiku – 06/04/06 – Cards 9, Cubs 6

Surprise! Edmonds plays
first base, eases the loss of
Albert with key hits.

Wincing and Dining with Pujols

Pujols’ oblique muscle strain caused pain for Cardinal Nation today.  Let’s hope he’s not out for too long, and let’s hope some of our minor leaguers can step up to fill a couple of mighty big gaps in the lineup.  Personally, I wonder if Pujols just wants a couple of weeks off so he can be more hands-on and prevent his wife from having total control of his new Westport eatery??  Albert and Diedre don’t have much time to redo boring ol’ Patrick’s before a planned reopening as Pujols 5 in August.  I look forward to sampling the arroz con plasma screens and drowning my sorrows in Bud Light if the Cards don’t stop getting hurt. 

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