July 2006

Yo! AT&T Cribs!

PujolsdeidreI finally gave in to the relentless barrage of AT&T commercials during the games imploring me to visit seehowtheylive.com and get a tour of Albert Pujols’ crib.  The house tour only covered the backyard, kitchen, and game room of Albert’s Kansas City abode.  The tour script involved a lot of plugs for AT&T products – Deion points out the Dish TV with DVR, Albert uses the phone to call for a pizza, and Albert talks about using his treo to stay in touch with his family when he’s on the road.  It’s an interactive video where you can click on hotspots and learn additional fun facts about the annoying Deion (please don’t let him get a talk show) and Albert and his family.  I was impressed that Albert’s class shows through even in this extended commercial.  The crib was very nice but not ostentatious, and there was no parade of bling.  Albert mostly wanted to talk about his family, faith and his foundation.   it’s worth a look, if only for the concluding footage of Albert smashing line drives into a cardboard Deion (for each direct hit, Deion donated $100 to Albert’s foundation). 

So long, Luna…Hello, Ronnie

BelliardAs dismal as this weekend with the Cubs was, there’s a ray of light in the Cards’ trade of Hector Luna for Ronnie Belliard.  If we were going to give up 1/2 of our 2nd base platoon, I would have rather seen Miles go, but I guess the Indians have better taste.  I liked Luna and felt he could contribute at numerous positions, even if he was somewhat inconsistent.  I just don’t see a lot of fire in Miles. When he struck out with the bases loaded to end the game the other day, I wanted to throw something at the TV.  I don’t know much about Belliard, but the numbers sound good.  It will be good to have some stability at second base from a defensive perspective, and it also sounds like he can offer the offensive pop we need.  Now a deal for a new starting pitcher tomorrow would really make me happy… but at least this is something.  Plus, Ronnie’s got cool hair. 

Game Haiku – 07/30/06 – Cubs 6, Cards 3

Carp doesn’t seem like
himself. Chicago knocks the
wind out of Cards. Swept.

Game Haiku – 07/29/06 – Cubs 4, Cards 2

Reyes pitched well but
got more support from his jock strap
than his teammates’ bats

Game Haiku – 07/28/06 – Cubs 5, Cards 4

Marquis unravels.
Our old friend Mabry makes us
pay for his exile. 

Game Haiku – 07/27/06 – Cubs 5, Cards 4

Bad hops and bad luck
doom Cards, despite Juan’s highlights.
Too many stranded.

Game Haiku – 07/26/06 – Cards 6, Rockies 1

Another good show
from Suppan, who helps himself
with RBI

Retro Haiku – Get Fired Up for Bruce’s Induction


Splitter whizzes by
I wonder if creatures live
in Bruce Sutter’s beard

Game Haiku – 07/25/06 – Cards 1, Rockies 0

Carp is sharp, but each
stressful Izzy inning takes
a year off my life.

Trash Can Hug

Check out this video (courtesy of Google Video) of last Wednesday’s storm at the Stadium.  Some poor fan gets wiped out by a high-speed trash can.




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