July 2006

Game Haiku – 07/24/06 – Rockies 7, Cards 0


Francis wows. Reyes’
socks stay up but then, sadly,
so do his pitches.

A Great Day – Cards Sweep Dodgers and My Power is Back On!

Blueowl_staffI’m back home again in North County, after a weekend of exile in Arnold.  We had a nice breakfast today at The Blue Owl in Kimmswick.  I had heard about that place for years but never visited.  All the waitresses were wearing long blue denim jumpers, as if they were in a Holly Hobbie cult.  The french toast was tasty, and we brought some cookies back – including some peanut butter and banana cookies that Elvis would have loved. 

As my dad and I watched the Cards beat the Dodgers yet again, we found out the power had come back on at home so we wouldn’t have to spend another night in the motel. Yay!  We were thrilled to see traffic lights were working again in our neighborhood, and the long gas lines had disappeared. Of course, coming home and cleaning out the rotten food in the fridge wasn’t fun, but at least we’ve got power. Our trash cans are so full and so funky that I don’t think even the raccoons will be tempted. 

The Cards look like world-beaters when they play the Dodgers.  The season sweep is a real accomplishment.  When I see the team play like this, with the starting pitching keeping us in the game and multiple players contributing on offense, I still believe we can go the distance – even without a trade.  It’s great to see Chris Duncan making real contributions and to have Edmonds be hot again.  And then there’s unexpected treats like Encarnacion hitting two homers today.  I hope they all have fun going long at Coors Field. 

Game Haiku – 07/23/06 – Cards 6, Dodgers 1

Marquis’ got hot stuff?
Juan hits two homers? We must
be in Hollywood.

Game Haiku – 07/22/06 – Cards 6, Dodgers 1

Nearly unraveled
in the First, Jeff steadies and
weaves a victory

me and my friend kathleen – she’s a cubs fan but i try not to hold that against her


mulder on the mound

me and my dad – he’s not flipping you off on purpose



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