August 2006

Game Haiku – 08/31/06 – Cards 5, Marlins 2

Supp is fierce, sticks with
Dontrelle. Dunc supplies power
Cards need in a pinch.

Cardinal Girl – Riverfront Times Local Blog O’ The Week


I’m excited to announce that has been named "Local Blog O’ The Week" in this week’s Riverfront Times.  Many thanks to "Unreal" for bestowing this honor upon this lil ol’ blog.  Somehow he managed to ignore all my haikus in his write-up.  Perhaps that is for the best ;)  I always pick up an RFT when I’m in town. Baseball fans will enjoy their weekly feature – Ask a Negro Leaguer

Game Haiku – 08/30/06

With our poor pitching,
we’ll need more big offensive
outbursts like tonight’s.

Game Haiku – 08/29/2006 – Marlins 9, Cards 1

Mulder is done. Stick
a fork in him.  Or, in this
case, a Marlin’s spear.

Game Haiku – 08/27/06 – Cards 10, Cubs 6

2 walk off homers!
Look out, Yadi, Gary might
walk off with your job.

Game Haiku – 08/26/06 – Cards 2, Cubs 1

A gutsy outing
for Carpenter, helped out by
his backup catcher

Game Haiku – 08/25/06 – Cards 2, Cubs 0

Small ball is enough,
plus Suppandemonium!
At least Cubs won’t sweep.

Celebrate Good Times – The 80s

OK, as we’re all feeling rather down about the Cardinals right now and awaiting the outcome of tonight’s Reds game to know if we’re sharing first place or clinging to our .5 game lead, I thought it was time to remember the good times.  You remember the song – "Celebrate good times. Come on!"  Being a Cardinal fan in the Whiteyball era was a lot of fun, especially if you were a kid.  I remember the excitement of going to Busch Stadium with my free A student tickets and not caring that they were nosebleed seats.  I’ll never forget the day I happened to be in Lambert Airport coming back from a family vacation at the same time the team was coming back from a trip. Darrell Porter was my hero, and although I was too shy to talk to him, I was able to stare at him for a good ten minutes while he waited for his luggage.  I waited in line at Johnny Londoff Chevrolet and got autographs from Willie McGee and Ozzie Smith. Somehow I missed the news that Andy Van Slyke was at an appliance store or surely I’d have been there.  Fortunately, my friend Kristine attended, with her little brother and cabbage patch kid in tow.  Check out their superfan ensembles and Andy’s short shorts! 


Game Haiku – 08/24/2006 – Mets 6, Cards 2

"The Mets are Pond ****!"
We chanted when Cards wore light
. Now we’re just blue.

Still Battling

I only saw a little bit of tonight’s game, but I see one big positive in the loss.  The Cards did not give up.  They battled back to make a game of it and gave themselves a chance to win it in the 9th.  That to me shows this team does have heart and a drive to win, and those qualities should serve them well during this final push to the playoffs.  Yes, Cardinal Girl still believes. Kinda.

It was clear to most of us that Mulder was not ready to come back.  What made Tony and Dave think that if he got shelled in his last game at Memphis, he would be a-okay in the Bigs? Bringing him up smacked of our desperation, and it was a terrible decision.  It’s really bad for his mental game too.  Even if he can physically come back next year and pitch well, he might suffer from Ankeil syndrome, especially if they give him another start next week and he gets pounded again. 

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