August 2006

Game Haiku – 08/23/2006 – Mets 10, Cards 8

Mulder’s return was
ill-advised, as was choice to
pinch hit So for Dunc.

This One’s Gonna Leave a Mark

I turned the TV on in the 5th inning just as the Mets loaded the bases and thought, "Wow, we’re up 7-1!"  A couple minutes later, it was 7-5, and that sinking feeling began to set in.  Weaver struck out 2 batters after he gave up the slam, so, without being at all educated because I didnt see his earlier innings, I kinda thought Tony should have let him come back out in the 6th. Instead, he sent Wainwright, who gave up a run.  And then Jason gave up Beltran’s two-run walk-off moon shot that probably landed in my old apartment several 7 Train stops away.  It was sickening to watch, and it’s the kind of defeat that leaves a mark.  It’s important the Cards bounce back with a win tomorrow or it could get even uglier, now that the Reds are just a game back. 

To end on a positive note, let’s remember Belliard’s awesome play at 2nd that saved a run.  And let’s focus on Albert’s two homers and 7 RBIs, and hope that his performance tonight is indicative of a return to his early-season off-the-charts dominance. 

Game Haiku – 08/22/06 – Mets 8, Cards 7


Albert, frustrated
over 7 RBIs
in loss? Punch Izzy.

Day Off – Retro Haiku


George Hendrick flipped off
fans. He and his jerri curl
were much criticized.

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Game Haiku – 08/20/2006 – Cards 5, Cubs 3

Juan redeems himself
with 3-run homer, and Carp
takes care of the rest.

Series win in Chicago!

It’s nice and unexpected to see a series win against the Cubbies, however I’m still smarting over the game we let get away from us yesterday.  I really disagree with Tony’s decision to pinch hit Encarnacion for Duncan with the bases loaded yesterday.  I just think the chances of Encarnacion doing better than red hot Dunc were juan in million.  Bernie has a very good analysis of the situation in today’s Post, and he sums it up better than I could, going over way more stats than Tony could have possibly crunched in the minute he had to make that decision.  I know that Juan got a big home run today, but I just have not been impressed with him this season, and I don’t consider him Mr. Clutch.  If Tony had let Chris hit, I think it would have been a big confidence boost for the already-confident rookie. 

Preston Wilson seems to be filling the outfield gap well in his first two games.  I think he will add an element of stability to the outfield as we head down the stretch. Belliard is also growing on me, even with his Gene Simmons tongue.  These may not be Cardinals we recognize, but they might help us hang on to our division lead.  I don’t disagree with the decison to send Reyes down – he was struggling lately and I think needs more time to mature, and it’s best not to have to try and do that during a pennant race.  I don’t really expect to be wowed by Mulder’s return, and I’d like to see Edmonds get more rest.  He makes me nervous when I see him out there now, since he admits he’s still logy. But he did pull off an awesome slide in yesterday’s game.

I’m psyched for the Mets.  If we can make it in Queens, we can make it anywhere!

Game Haiku – 08/19/2006 – Cubs 5, Cards 4

Pulling Dunc to pinch
hit Juan? Strike out. I’ll take gut
instinct over stats.

Game Haiku – 08/18/06 – Cards 11, Cubs 3

Holy Cow! We won
a game in Chicago.  Cards
shell Cubs with homers.

Vote for Edgar – He’s in the Top Ten!

EdgarIf you’re reading my blog, please show support not with money or comments, but with something much easier – click on this link and vote for my dog.  Edgar is competing to be the new spokesdog for Lassie Natural Way dog food.  He’s currently #6 and if he ends up in the top two, I’ll get a year’s supply of dog food, and he’ll have a chance to be in a commercial and on a dog food bag.  You can vote once a day until the contest ends on Monday.  With the support of Cardinal Nation, I am confident this little dog who looks like Whitey Herzog can be a star!

Jimmy, I Think You Hurt Your Head Real Bad



Jack Torrance took a baseball bat to the cranium in one of my favorite films, The Shining. Jimmy’s head met the centerfield wall in a not particularly friendly how-do-you-do.  Both ended up with heads that hurt real bad, and Jimmy’s head is making a lot of us Cardinal fans hurt real bad too. An unraveling season continues to unravel, as Edmonds had to leave the game the other night complaining of dizziness.  They suspect it’s Post Concussion Syndrome, which has ended our old friend Mike Matheny’s season.  We can only hope Jimmy’s case is minor, because we really need him back in the lineup.  Personally, I think his head is partially clouded with uncertainty, given the Country Day Crew’s reluctance to give him security.   Get well soon, Jimmy, pleeez.

Hear the sound clip that inspired my subject line.

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