August 2006

Game Haiku – 08/17/2006 – Cards 2, Reds 1

Pitching duel ends with
Walk-off single from Scottie.
Phew! Cards win series!

I Love the New Busch

Yesterday was my first trip to the new stadium, and I love it!  It’s such a huge improvement over old Busch.  I know I should probably be nostalgic for that stadium, since I saw many Cardinal games there and many Gridbird games too (my dad shared season tickets), but I always thought it wasn’t very well-suited to either sport.  Maybe that’s because I almost always had upper deck seats and the players looked like tiny ants.  Yesterday, I splurged for an infield box seat about 15 rows from the field and a little behind 3rd base.  It was awesome to be that close to the action, even if there wasn’t much action, at least not from the good guys. 

I didn’t venture up the escalators, but I walked around the perimeter and was impressed at the variety of food stands, the martini bar, the creative installation of the old manual scoreboard in the hallway, the family fun pavilion, and the shops.  I love the openess of the stadium, the various viewpoints for standing room patrons, and the view of the Arch.  And taking Metrolink to and from the game was a breeze.  I was entertained on the way down, sitting next to a mom with her 3-year-old daughter. The kid was already a Cards fan and had memorized the names and numbers of most of the starting lineup!  Her favorite player? "Goochi! 99!" 

I don’t have a whole lot to say about the game.  Reyes just wasnt sharp.  I felt like I was watching the all-star home run derby the way the Reds were knocking them out of the park.  Sosa didn’t impress either.  I was glad Tony removed Reyes early when we still had a chance to come back, but Arroyo was just too tough. 

I took some photos but left my camera’s USB cord in LA, so I’ll have to wait to upload them til I get back to LA next weekend. At least we got the win today (yay Rolen!) and won the series.  Things are lookin’ up. 

Game Haiku – 08/16/06 – Reds 7, Cards 2

My first trip to new
Busch. I was more enthused to
be there than Cards were.

I’m Going to Busch

Busch_stadium_completeAt long last, I’ll get to check out the new Busch tomorrow night.  I even splurged for an infield box seat.  I’m back in the Lou for a bit and just felt like the Cards could use my presence to win another one tomorrow.  I can’t wait to see Reyes pitch, even if his socks drive me nuts.  It should be a great match up with Reyes and Arroyo.  It’s autograph night too, but I can’t seem to find out who’s going to be signing – I guess you just show up and get surprised?  I hope Jimmy recovers from his "dizzyness" by tomorrow night.  Pics, a full report, and a haiku or two to come on Thursday. 

Game Haiku – 08/15/06 – Cards 5, Reds 0

Carp dominates and
pitches complete game.  I hope
rest of staff took notes.

Vote for Edgar – a Canine All-Star!

Img_0095Those of you who read my spheroid will be familiar with my pooch, The Edgar Winter Dog, who I won on an Animal Planet TV show called Who Gets the Dog. Well, Edgar is trying to extend his 15 minutes of fame by winning a contest to be a spokesmodel for Lassie Natural Way dog food. If he wins, he’ll get to be on a commercial (I hope he doesnt have to run from a chuck wagon…that would be so undignified) and also be on a dog food bag. Plus his mummy would get a year’s supply of dog food which will leave her a lot of extra money to spend on Cardinal gear! Please take a moment and follow this link and vote for Edgar.  After all, he looks just like Whitey Herzog and fields the ball much better than Ronnie Belliard!

Game Haiku – 08/13/06 – Pirates 7, Cards 0


Arrr! Cards plundered by
Pirates, swept off the plank to
Davy Jones’ locker.

This haiku composed with the help of

Game Haiku – 08/10/06 – Cards 6, Reds 1

Dave Duncan’s pupils
shine: son Chris homers twice and
Reyes dominates.

Game Haiku -08/08/06 – Reds 10, Cards 3


Watching Jason: like
being tortured by other
Marquis guy – De Sade.

Game Haiku – 08/07/06 – Cards 13, Reds 1

Yadi homers? And
Weaver only gives up one

run?  Dream or rebirth?

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