September 2006

Game Haiku – 09/10/06 – Dbacks 9, Cards 7


Tony’s ejection
inspires; too bad we can’t
eject whole bullpen

Game Haiku – 09/09/06 – Dbacks 3, Cards 0

Webb wows us with one
hitter.  Wake up, Cards, Astros
are now in second place.

On the Radio

Thanks again to Pete McCarthy for inviting me to be the ML Blogger of the Week on last night’s "Under the Lights" show on MLB Radio. It was great fun. We talked about everything from my dog’s recent spokemodel campaign to the downfall of Izzy to Pujols’ chances for MVP. Pete even indulged me by letting me read a few haikus. If you missed it, you can check out the archived interview on the ML Blogs homepage under the "You’re on the Air" section

Game Haiku – Dbacks 13, Cards 1


Reyes gets pounded.
The whole bench gets to play. "Hey
Coach, put Rudy in!"

Game Haiku – 09/07/06 – Cards 6, Dbacks 2


Spiezio hits two
homers! Redbird spirit in
his heart and soulpatch. 

Hear Me Roar, or Wax Poetic, on MLB Radio Tomorrow

I’m excited to report that I will be the "Blogger of the Week" on the "Under the Lights" show on MLB Radio this Friday at 10:15 PM (EST).  Tune in and let me know what you think.  If you have any Cardinal thoughts you’d like me to share with the audience, please leave a comment.  I can read haikus pretty quickly so I’m going to have to think of a few other profound(?) things to say. 

Game Haiku -09/06/06 – Nationals 7, Cards 6

Wilson’s clutch homer
put us in the drivers seat,
til Izzy’s blow out.

Game Haiku – 09/05/06 – Cards 2, Nationals 0

From gazpacho to
a hot tomato, Supp is
rocking the home stretch.

Pujols 5 Restaurant Opens

WestportPujols 5 restaurant had its grand opening on Tuesday.  I look forward to heading to Westport Plaza and sampling the cuisine when I’m back in town next week and will be sure to add my review.  Yadi, Walt, Jose Vizcaino, and Fredbird were in attendance for opening night (didn’t anyone tell Fredbird worms weren’t on the menu?). I thought Patrick’s, the former occupant of the space and Pujols’ business partner in this venture, was nothing special, but I am sure Albert and Diedre have spiced things up.  Has anybody been there yet? If so, fill out a comment card below.

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