October 2006

Happy Halloween



Well, since I couldn’t be in St. Louis for the Cardinals’ victory celebration yesterday, I decided to answer the question "What Would Tony Do?" in another way: attend an animal rescue benefit.  While Tony was modeling his "Smooch Your Pooch" T-shirt at the rally,  The Edgar Winter Dog was modeling a KFC bucket and competing in the Bow Wow Ween costume contest.  Unfortunately, his Colonel Sanders costume didn’t take home a prize there, although he did win the blue ribbon at the West LA Petco on Saturday. 

Happy Halloween from Edgar and me!


Game Haiku – 10/27/06 – Cards 4, Tigers 2


I think I can. I
think I can. Little Eckstein
That Could powers Cards.

That’s a Winner!

I think I have to write it down to believe it.

The St. Louis Cardinals are the 2006 World Champions! 

What a game! What a series!  Man, do I wish I was in St. Louis and partying on the hurricane-red-soaked cobblestone streets of Laclede’s Landing.  Go Crazy, Folks.  Go freakin’ crazy. 

I do want to take a moment to congratulate the Tigers on a terrific year.  I am sure they will be right back in the hunt next season.  I think they were just not quite ready for the pressure of the world series.  Our poise came from our past playoff experience.  I really think that made the difference. 

You could tell from the first game of the division series that this team just really wanted it.  They were going to do whatever it took to win, and they weren’t going to give up.  If the opponent got a run in their half of the inning, they’d come right back and tie it in their own half.  Everyone on the team contributed and raised their game.  Pitchers who looked mortal during the season became world beaters.  A catcher who batted .216 became the NLCS MVP.  Fans started wearing fake red soul patches in honor of a bench player who came up big.  Everyone said that Pujols carried the team, and for a lot of the year he did, but we won this series without Albert really being a factor.  And we did it with the shortest MVP in world series history!

There’s a lot more to say, but for now it’s just time for Cardinal Nation to revel in this moment.  Thanks to Tony and the fellas for an unforgettable season. 

Crime Beat: Carnage at Busch Build-a-Bear Workshop

Have you seen this Make-Your-Own-Fredbird? If so, please alert the authorities.


The Cardinals’ Magic Number is One

Wow, I can’t believe we could win the World Series tonight in front of our home crowd.  I never expected the season to end up this way, and I don’t think anyone really did – even the team.  The resilience and heart of this team is truly inspiring.  I think their confidence is shining through in all facets of their play.  Of course, Detroit has self-destructed defensively, which has certainly contributed to why we’re sitting with a 3-1 lead, but I hope that people won’t point to that and take things away from our team.  Our playoff experience has been a true advantage. We just haven’t shown nervousness. We have been playing to the best of our ability – and really over our ability if you look at players like Molina and Eckstein who aren’t known for their batting prowess.  The team seems so relaxed, too – I’ve even caught Tony smiling a few times in the dugout during a game – unheard of!

My attention to the series has really been limited this week by circumstances beyond my control. I missed Games 1 and 2 due to being out of town for a wedding, and I watched Games 3 and 4 on tivo due to being swamped with a big offsite meeting at work.  But tonight I have nothing to do other than come up with The Edgar Winter Dog‘s costume for tomorrow’s Bow Wow Ween, so the game is going to get my full attention. 

Come on, Cards – let’s get ‘er done!

Game Haiku – 10/26/06 – Cards 5, Tigers 4


Cardiac Cards keep
coming back like Freddy.
Be afraid, Tigers.

Laughter in the Rain

Since there’s no game to write about tonight, here’s a couple funnies.



Game Haiku – 10/24/06 – Cards 5, Tigers 0

Solid, masterful
Carpenter makes big Tigers
look more like Cubs

Kenny Rogers – Coward of the County

Driving back from Chicago to St. Louis today, I listened to a lot of sports talk radio, and I eventually got frustrated and had to turn it off because all they were talking about was Kenny Rogers and his dirty hand.  I agree it looks like he was cheating, but he did clean up his hand after the first inning, and we failed to hit him the rest of the game anyway.  The commentators keep talking about how TLR failed to fight for his team, how the umps didn’t do their job, etc.  They are talking like we have lost the series because of this, but let’s remember, folks, we came out of Detroit tied 1-1 which is a pretty good place to be.  I guess I would rather just move on, focus on the positives right now, and have the team look forward to something they can control, or at least influence – tomorrow night’s game. 

Since I couldn’t stand to listen to talk radio anymore, I stopped at a truck stop and bought a CD – Kenny Rogers’ Greatest Hits.  Choice tracks include:

Through the Schmears
Islands in the Cream
Lubey (Don’t Take Your Glove to Town)
Coward of the County
Make No Mistake, She’s Pine
You Decorated My Ball
We’ve Got To Blight
Don’t Fall in Love with a Schemer

I’m Back and Catching Up

Well, I’m back from my long weekend in Chicago and ready to be a more faithful World Series blogger.  When I left town on Thursday, I really didn’t know if there’d be anything going on to blog about this week, but I needn’t have worried. 

I had a nervous stomach all day on Thursday and listening to sports talk radio most of the way as I drove from St. Louis to Chicago didn’t help matters.  Watching the game didn’t calm me down a bit.  When I saw how fired up the Mets crowd was and how well Perez was pitching, I just felt it was going to be the Mets night.  The 1-1 tie kept me on the edge of my seat, but when Chavez made that amazing, acrobatic catch to rob Rolen of a homer, I was sure we were going to lose.  You usually don’t get another chance when something like that happens.  Molina’s epic homer in the top of the 9th made me whoop for joy, but I still had butterflies.  When Wainwright allowed two runners to get on base and Beltran came to the plate, I got that sick feeling, as I envisioned Shea Stadium going nuts after a Beltran walk-off homer and a possible career collapse for Wainwright if he had to live with something like that for the entire off-season.  Fortunately, he pitched his way out of it and we won!  I had to pinch myself. 

When I woke up the next morning, my first thought was "The Cardinals are in the World Series," and I had to stop myself and make sure I didn’t just have some crazy dream.  My last comment on the NLCS would just be to congratulate the Mets on a fantastic season and thank them for a hard-fought series. I can’t remember a playoff series that was more exciting. 

So, the wedding reception was Saturday night so I missed Game 1, and I was out having dinner with friends I hadn’t seen in quite a while last night, so I missed most of Game 2.  I got back in time for the 9th inning, which was another nail-biter.  We almost snatched victory from the jaws of defeat, but Yadi couldn’t conjure up any more heroics.  Still, I feel good about us winning a game in Detroit, and I think we set ourselves up well for the games here in St. Louis.  Go Carp!

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