October 2006

Live Blog Tonight

I am going to attempt to live blog tonight’s game, probably starting around the 3rd inning (since I’m in LA and will still be at work at 5pm when the game starts).  Stick with me tonight for up-to-the-minute coverage – don’t touch that mouse!

Game Haiku – 10/12/06 – Mets 2, Cards 0

I can’t ask for more
from dominating Weaver.
Can I ask for hits?

Jason vs. Beltran

Jasonv Beltran2_1

Okay, given the choice of facing these two armed men, I’m not sure which one I’d pick.  How many postseason games have to be ruined for us by Carlos before we stop giving him anything to hit?

It may be Friday the 13th, but I don’t think the Cardinals will be jinxed, disembowled or massacred tonight. I always like our chances with Carp on the mound, and I saw a lot of positives in last night’s loss.  First off, my cap’s off to Jeff Weaver for a confident and dominating pitching performance.  He continues to be money.  The bullpen also held up well.  Holding the mighty Mets to only 2 runs is impressive, and we should be able to win games like that.  Of course, I didn’t really expect us to beat Glavine, so I’m not surprised by the outcome.  Obviously, we have to start hitting, and Rolen and Edmonds need to deliver. A win tonight would send us back to STL with momentum, so let’s go Cards!

You Too Can Haiku Winner – Oct 13

Congratulations to this week’s winner, Mary Ladd!


Said it was Tony!
You didn’t believe me!
Give me a cookie!!

This haiku needs a bit of context.  Mary, a former St. Louisan and casual Cards fan, was watching this post-game coverage with me. A guy with a towell over his head was getting sprayed with champagne by the players.  I said, "Is that Tony? Nah, it can’t be."  It just seemed out of character for him. I figured he’d already have ensconced himself in the video room to prepare for the Mets. But Mary was sure it was Tony, and as this photo shows, she was right.  Check out Mary’s funny new blog about Cher and life in general, which includes a recent post on the Cory Lidle tragedy.

Constantine, Cardinals, and Carpenter

ConwinkMark Newman’s latest very informative entry on his NLCS blog mentions that Constantine Maroulis will be singing "God Bless America" tonight.  Woohoo! I’m almost as big an American Idol fan as I am a Cardinal fan, so this is an exciting coming together of obsessions for me.  Hailing from Astoria, Constantine is undoubtedly a Mets fan, but I can live with that.  I wonder if he will give the camera one of his smoldering looks when he brings the song home with a big finish?  After he was booted from Idol and I overcame my severe depression at that great travesty of justice and managed to get out of bed, I wrote a haiku tribute for Constantine on my other website, the pop culture ‘zine called Ape Culture. I feel his presence at this game is a good omen for the Cards!

Mark also reports something I’d been expecting to hear – Carp will start Game 2.  This is great news for us.  If we can get out of NYC with a win, I’ll be pleased as punch.  OK, but let’s not stop there…let’s get out of NYC with 2 wins! Go Redbirds!!

PS  It’s not too late to enter this week’s haiku contest. Entries due by midnight PST.

Rain Out

There will be no game tonight…postponed due to rain.  I think the weather cooperated and makes a good excuse, since nobody probably feels like playing given today’s news of Cory Lidle’s untimely deadh.  It puts things in perspective to be sure. 

So, we’ll have to wait til Thursday night, when I hope a Peter Gabrielesque "Red Rain" will be falling down – a rain of Cardinal hits. 

An NYC Tragedy

LidleI was shocked to hear of the plane crash in Manhattan today, especially considering we were so recently recounting our 9/11 remembrances here on mlb blogs.  I couldn’t help but think of Thurman Munson, who was a hero of mine when I was a kid playing catcher on my softball team.  My sympathy goes out to Cory’s family and the Yankee family. I can’t put it better than Derek Jeter did in this MLB.com story:

Yankees captain Derek Jeter added in statement: "I am shocked by this
devastating news. Spending the last few months as Cory’s teammate, I
came to know him as a great man. While he was known as a baseball
player, he was, more importantly, a husband and father and, at a time
like this, I want to share my deepest sympathies with his wife Melanie,
his son Christopher and all those who know and loved him."

First Cardinal Home Run Launched in New Busch

Phil Lindsey, an avid Cardinal fan in Cub country, sent me this great action shot he took of Albert launching the first Cardinal home run in the new Busch Stadium back on April 10, 2006.  Bill Hall of the Brewers hit the very first home run earlier in that game, but we’re focusing on El Hombre today.  Phil also wrote a haiku to accompany his photo.

Here’s hoping for a similar display of Cardinal power in tonight’s game.  Go Cards!


First home run in new
Busch was NOT Albert Pujols.
The second one was.

Art from Pond Scuum

Scum_art_2 I’m not a Mets hater.  As I mentioned before, I used to live in Woodside, Queens, just a couple 7 train stops from Shea.  But there was a time in the 80s, when I was in junior high, and the Cards had a big rivalry with the Keith Hernandez-era Mets, when I was known to join the chant "Mets are Pond ****."  I believe it was our Howard-Stern-Lite radio personality JC Corcoran who came up with this one, and I have to give him credit as it’s one of those chants that has stuck through the decades.  I am sure we will see some Pond **** signs in Busch during this series. Obviously, the Mets are not pond **** – they have the best record in the NL. Besides, there are no ponds in Queens that I know of.

While searching for a photo of a vintage "Mets are Pond ****" t-shirt, I found an article on "art made from pond ****".   
To describe the piece, the reporter wrote, "The dried ****, which looks a bit like a physical landscape map from
geography class, includes urban waste and snails that are woven into
the fabric of the material produced when the **** dried."  Interesting, yes, but does it match the sofa?

(Note to MLB.com: can we relax the censoring of the word scuum during this playoff series?)

You Too Can Haiku Contest

For this week’s challenge, write a haiku about this great picture of the skipper from the NLDS blog. Entries due by Thursday, Oct 12.


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