March 2007

Civil Rights Game Highlights

I’m watching the Civi Rights game on my new HD TV as I type this.  It’s very exciting to have HD in time for the season. Unfortunately, I don’t have Direct TV so not sure how many games I’ll be seeing…grrr…

Cards are looking ready for Opening Day tomorrow.  Great to see Albert hit a towering homer, and Molina has 2 hits so far.  Many contributors to the current 5-1 lead in the 5th.  Wainwright looks sharp, and it was funny to see him help his cause with a single that scored two. 

I plan to live blog during tomorrow’s Opening Day game.  See ya then!


TlrmugWell, the big news of the week in Cardinal Nation was Tony La Russa’s DUI arrest.  I was certainly surprised by that news.  I won’t condemn the guy, although it’s certainly not role-model behavior.  I would blame his vegetarianism.  He probably didn’t eat much for dinner, so a couple glasses of wine put him over the limit. 

I note a sharp contrast in media commentators’ opinions on this incident here in LA vs in St. Louis. In Friday’s Los Angeles Times, T.J. Simers wrote:  "According to the Associated Press, when La Russa walked onto the field before the Cardinals’ game ‘many fans stood and applauded.’  Unless they were expressing their appreciation to La Russa for not killing someone while driving drunk behind the wheel, the fans certified themselves idiots, while also giving everyone another reminder how some sports fans consider their sports heroes god-like – no matter what they do."  Come on, TJ, "idiots" is a little harsh…and "certified idiots"…geez…

Meanwhile, in the St. Louis Post Dispatch, Bill McClellan argued the arrest would probably gain West Coast Tony some respect from local Bud-swilling fans: "So the news was shocking. It’s a shame, I said to myself, which is what
a sinner should always say when another sinner stumbles. And I thought,
except for the fact that La Russa probably doesn’t have 160,000 miles
on his car, it could have been me." 

I’m somewhere in the middle.  I don’t think Tony deserved a standing ovation for being a drunk driver, but I do think he deserves our forgiveness and "there but for the grace of God go I" understanding.  I think he made a good apology in his statement and took responsibility for his actions. The arrest doesn’t change my favorable opinion of the man. I happened to meet someone at a pub crawl yesterday who volunteers for Tony’s Arf Foundation and attested to what a good guy Tony is and how involved he is in the organization during the off-season.  Mindful of this week’s news, I made sure to walk home from the crawl. 

Read more about it – The Smoking Gun has copies of the police reports.

Jupiter Ink


TLR made good on a bet with his daugthers.  He bet them if the Cards won the World Series he’d get a tattoo.  He got a tribal design wrapping around his shoulder and bicep.  Just think – if he’d gotten a large tattoo of Ozzie Smith, kinda like the one Scott Spiezio has of his wife, that might have ended their feud. 

Waiting for Edmonds

Today’s Post-Dispatch included a Jim Edmonds interview that was less-than-encouraging.  Aren’t Monday mornings hard enough without having to read about Jim saying that he probably won’t be ready for opening day?  Well, my initial gloom has turned to acceptance.  It’s better for Jim and for the Cards if he takes a little more time rather than risk another injury by rushing things.  This news definitely leaves some open questions about the starting lineup for the outfield, especially since we’ve yet to see Juan Encarnacion back in action (any day now, they say). 

On the positive note, Braden Looper pitched 4 scoreless innings today, and Rick Ankiel broked out of a mini-slump with a homer and a double.  Tony has always had faith in him – who knows, with these pesky outfielder injuries he may be testing that faith in Ankiel sooner than he planned.

Oh, and I had dinner at Ozzie’s.  Review coming soon.

Spring Training Photos

Jayrandolph_1 I’ve posted all of my best Spring Training photos in an album here on the blog.  Check ’em out.   

It was good to watch the game on Channel 5 today and see Jay Randolph again.  When Mike Shannon stopped by for a while, that was a true 80s flashback.  All that was missing was "Celebration" playing in the background. 

Carpenter looked his usual worldbeating self today.  Too bad Tyler Johnson and Josh Hancock let the Braves scalp ’em.  Yes, it’s only pre-season, but the bullpen is becoming worrisome now that we know Josh Kinney will be out for the season. 

If anyone wants to see a full report on Jupiter’s Burt Reynolds and Friends Museum, I’ve put up a story and lots more pictures on my pop culture site, Ape Culture.


Spiezio, just chillin’


Oquendo chats with So


Pujols’ mighty swing


Wainwright in motion


Taguchi at BP

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