April 2007

Game Haiku – 04/30/07 – Brewers 7, Cards 1


Cards play with heavy
hearts, ponder Hancock’s jersey
draped on bullpen fence

Tributes to Josh

Cardinal messageboards have been flooded with messages of condolence, many from fans of other teams, even NL Central rivals. It’s moving to see how team rivalries are set aside as times like this.  Case in point is this moving video tribute to Josh – created by a Cubs fan. 

There’s also a good essay by Larry on Viva El Birdos called "On Perspective."  It’s hard to find words at times like this, but Larry’s essay really hits the important points and gives us something to ponder. I don’t know how our team will manage to pull it together to play tonight.  One day of grieving doesn’t seem enough to me.   

Josh Hancock, 1978-2007

JoshhancockAs I left the LA Times Festival of Books this afternoon, I called a friend in St. Louis who told me that Josh Hancock had died in a car accident early this morning.  Like all of Cardinal Nation, I am stunned and saddened.  It is hard to accept tragic news like this once, much less twice in 5 years. 

Josh had only been with the Cardinals since last season, but he had established himself as a reliable member of the bullpen and a friend to many on the team.  He contributed to last year’s championship team, appearing in 3 postseason games.  If there is any consolation, it comes in knowing that he did win a World Series ring in his brief 29 years of life, something many players never experience. 

My sincere condolences go out to the Hancock family and the Cardinals family.

Game Haiku – 04/26/2007 – Cubs 5, Cards 3

Reyes falters, but
Molina knocks one to Big
Mac Land.  Cards fall short.

Game Haiku – 04/26/07 – Cards 7, Reds 5

April showers? Cards’
hits rain down on Reds. Thompson
provides sweet relief.

Game Haiku – 04/25/07 – Cards 5, Reds 2

Pujols’ clutch double,
Edmonds’ diving catch: Now we’re
looking like my Cards

Game Haiku – 04/24/07 – Reds 10, Cards 3

Gonzalez blasts two
homers. Kip Wells gets shelled. Red 
rain was pouring down.

A Wild One at Wrigley

Wow, what an exciting game today!  It reminded me of the playoffs last year – when the Cards had a "never say die" attitude.  They just kept coming back today and eked out the victory.  It sure feels good to actually win a series at Wrigley for a change. 

Almost everyone contributed on offense today, which was necessary since Wainwright gave up 7 runs (can’t totally blame him though…the wind was not his friend).  It was great to see Edmonds get his first homer.  Kennedy ripped a double that brought in 2 runs. Duncan hit a homer. Pujols hit the game-winning 3 run homer in the 10th.  But I’d have to give star of the game honors to Scott Rolen who went 5 for 6, a new career best for him. 

The Cards handed the ball to Izzy with a 2-run lead in the 9th, but he allowed the Cubs to tie the game.  I won’t sound the alarm bells on Izzy for that one – the Cubs scored those runs on a crazy pop up that appeared to be foul then drifted back into play and just out of reach of several Wilson, Miles, and Pujols who were all giving chase. 

The Cubs broadcasters pointed out something curious:  The Cards have scored 10 runs or more for the 3rd consecutive Sunday. 

Sunday, Aprl 8 – 10 runs in 1 game
April 9 – 14 – 9 runs in 4 games

Sunday, April 15 – 10 runs in 1 game
April 16 – 23 – 12 runs in 6 games

Let’s hope we can break the pattern and keep the run production going strong this week. 

Game Haiku – Cards 12, Cubs 9

Crazy winds swirl in
back and forth battle; Pujols
strikes the final blow

Game Haiku – 04/21/07 – Cubs 6, Cards 0

Seven hits but no
runs; Cards can’t score against their
old buddy Marquis

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