May 2007

Denial: It Aint Just a River in Egypt

Today’s news that Dean Hancock, Josh Hancock’s father, is pursuing a civil wrongful death suit struck me as sad, ridiculous, and all-too-typical for today.  The parties to blame according to Dean are the bartender and manager (Mike’s daughter Patricia) at Mike Shannon’s for serving him when he was visibly drunk, the tow truck driver and tow company for the tow truck’s failure to provide adequate warning (huh? its flashers were on), and the poor driver whose crash into the median provided the impetus for the tow truck’s arrival. 

Out of all these defendants, the only one with a tiny shred of culpability is Shannon’s, if in fact, Hancock was visibly drunk and they continued to serve him. Still, they offered to call him a cab and were waved off when he said he was walking.  Is it the responsibility of the bartender to escort the patron back to the hotel?  That seems a bit much to ask. 

This complete refusal to accept personal responsibility really taints the tragedy and must make some of the Cardinals want to rip those 32 patches off their jerseys.  Let’s review the facts of this death: Josh’s blood alcohol level was almost twice the legal level, he was talking on his cell phone, driving 68 in a 55 mph zone, and had marijuana and a pipe in the car. About the only thing he could have added to that list of driving offenses would have been eating Taco Bell and putting on lipstick.  How Dean Hancock can ignore all those factors and see his son as an innocent victim in this is beyond me, and it’s even worse that some lawyers who don’t have the excuse that they are grieving and looking for answers are putting this case forward.

Game Haiku – Cards 3, Pirates 1


Cards sweep the Bucs! Like
Captain Jack, they may yet come
back from the world’s end

Heading to Dodger Stadium

I’m having a really busy May, between doing some travelling for work, a few work events, and I’m in the process of helping my dad move from St. Louis to Santa Monica.  So that’s why my posts have been sporadic and will continue to be until the end of the month when he’ll be moving.  Not that there’s been a whole lot of good news to share anyway…

I am excited to report I’ll be seeing the Cards at Dodger Stadium tomorrow night!  I hope Brad Thompson can come up with a start as good as his last one, and I really hope my presence will wake up some Cardinal bats. 

Game Haiku – 05/13/07 – Padres 3, Cards 0

With pink bats, Cards can’t
hit.  Reyes deserves support
from more than his socks.

Game Haiku – 03/12/07 – Cards 5, Padres 0

The unlikely ace,
Looper, shuts Padres down. So’s
double plates 3 runs

Game haiku – 05/08/07 – Cards 4, Rockies 1

Quality start from
Thompson, and Edmonds breaks out
of slump with 3 hits.

Game Haiku – 05/04/07 – Cards 3, Astros 2

Pujols, bullpen drive
victory. Final score pays
tribute to Hancock.

The Inevitable Truth

Police announced this morning that Josh Hancock was legally drunk with a 0.157 blood alcohol level, nearly twice the legal limit.  He was also talking on his cell phone at the time of the accident.  Disappointing news, but nobody is going to be surprised by it.  This doesn’t diminish the tragedy to me, but I do hope that his example will remain in the heads of sports fans as they contemplate whether to drive home after several frosty Buschs at the ballpark.  Perhaps additional tragedies can be averted.

Post-Dispatch story

Paying Respects

Today was a hard day for the Cardinals as they headed to Tupelo for Josh Hancock’s memorial service. The only Cardinal to speak at the service was Randy Flores, who lightened the mood by recalling Josh’s pranks before declaring, "Everyday I was reminded of his heart."  The Cardinals did not speak to the media. 

Click here for the Post-Dispatch coverage.

Click here to read the Hancock family’s statement.

Read Bill McClellan’s column, suggesting that if alcohol is involved, Josh’s death may at least prevent future deaths if sports fans think twice about drinking and driving.

Game Haiku – 05/02/07 – Brewers 4, Cards 0

Swept. Reyes started
off good, but got no help from
defense or offense.

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