May 2007

Have Mercy

Tonight’s game reminded me of some of my worst games in grade school, playing catcher for the now-defunct St. Christopher’s softball team.  Picture summer in St. Louis and me in my catcher’s gear, sweating profusely, losing the drive to emulate Darrell Porter, and fantasizing about a post-game Mello Yello. Now picture a pitcher on the mound who cannot get the ball over the plate, walking in runs, throwing wild so I’m forced to keep getting up and retrieve the wild pitches.  These were times when I prayed for the mercy rule to be invoked against my own team, and sometimes my prayer was answered.  That Mello Yello sure hit the spot. 

Unfortunately, there’s no mercy rule in the big leagues, so I had to turn the game off tonight after Flores gave up 2 runs and Thompson gave up a 3-run homer.  It was too painful to watch all of Hancock’s bullpen mates get shelled.  The team looks listless, broken, haunted. 

I don’t expect things to get better tomorow with the Capuano/Reyes match-up.  It would be nice to lose by less than 10 runs, but I don’t expect the Brewers to be merciful.  They are clearly the class of our division right now. I do believe we can contend with them, but not this week. 

Game Haiku – 05/01/07 – Brewers 12, Cards 2

With slumping shoulders,
Each Cards pitcher takes the mound,
takes a pummeling

Second Stage of Grieving: Anger

Well, the rumors are swirling now about whether Josh was intoxicated when he had his fatal crash.  The team is angry and not wanting to answer questions.  I don’t blame them. I believe he is innocent until proven otherwise, but things are not looking good.

The Post-Dispatch today reported that Josh had another car accident in Sauget Thursday at 5:30am, but the police did not think he had been drinking.  He then was late to Thursday’s game.  The Post also quotes a couple in Shannon’s who supposedly overheard Josh tell ESPN reporter Dave Campbell that he was late because he was hungover and that Tony fined him for showing up late and being hungover.  Tony does not comment on this and says he wants to talk about baseball.  Dave Campbell denies that Josh made those comments.  Pat Shannon says she offered to call Josh a taxi on Saturday night but he told her he was only going to walk to a hotel a few blocks away.  Yes, evidence is mounting, but there’s still a lot of "he said, she said".

Bernie Miklasz reports that Tony warned the players the media will try to exploit this tragedy, and it’s beginning to look that way. Obviously, the truth will come out and we can deal with it then, and I don’t want to add fuel to the fire but I thought it important to mention these developments. 

KMOX has a very dim and distant security camera view of the actual accident. I won’t post that link because I think that is really going too far, and you can’t see anything anyway. 

Here’s hoping the Cards are less fuzzy tonight, although I totally understand if they aren’t.

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