November 2007

Gooch on the Go?

The Cards spent $100k to buy out the $1.1 million option on So Taguchi.  They are saying he still may be a Cardinal but they want to keep their options open for now. Taguchi has said he’d like to finish his career with the Cards.

I’m mixed on whether he’s worth keeping or not. I kind of like the dude, but he is 38 and his contributions have been marginal the last 2 years.  He has had some clutch hits but always makes me nervous with his defense. We know Tony likes him.  What do you all think?


"If I leave here tomorrow, will you still remember me?" Lynyrd Skynyrd asked.  In the case of David Eckstein, I think most of Cardinal Nation would respond "**** yeah" and hold up their lighters. 

David joined Kip Wells, Miguel Cairo, Russell Branyan, and Troy Percival in declaring free agency.  A couple months ago, I was tipped off by a neighbor who works with David’s wife here in Hollyweird that David might be moving on.  I didn’t post about it because I was hoping it wasn’t true, and I still hope the Cards can come to terms with David. 

It’s true he may have been injury-prone recently, but nobody on the team better personifies the Cardinal spirit than the little Eckstein that could.  I love his hustle.  Many players today like to stand at the plate and admire their hits before running, but David charges up that line even after a walk. He’s a spark plug that ignites the team. 

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