March 2008


I felt like booing when the Cardinals 5-1 lead today was rendered worthless by a rainout.  Apparently some other folks felt like booing today, too.

Let’s Play Ball!

Yay, Opening Day is upon us…let’s play ball! I have to say I was
distracted lately with other stuff and spending a lot of time on my pop
culture blog writing about American Idol, so I really didn’t pay
attention to Spring Training.  The Cards had a decent spring, with a
17-10 record, the third best in the National League. Reading Matthew
Leach’s column on the outlook for this season
, I realize I have a lot
to learn about this team. As he points out, only 8 players on the
current roster were also on the 2006 world series team.  My hopes are
not the highest, especially when I look at our pitching rotation. With
Carpenter, Mulder, Clement and Pinero still not available, we’re going
to be struggling. We can only hope the offense comes up big and with
Duncan, Ankiel and Pujols, there’s a good chance it will.  I’ve ordered
up my MLB Extra Innings package on my cable so I can watch a lot of
games here in LA and hopefully be a more faithful blogger and haikuist.


Who Says LA Doesn’t Like Sports?

Man, I wish I would have
attended the exhibition game at the LA Coliseum on Saturday.  The Red Sox
beat the Dodgers 7-4 in front of a crowd of 115,300 – the largest crowd
to ever watch a baseball game!  This game is one of many events this
year that will commemorate the Dodgers’ 50th anniversary of their move
from Brooklyn to LA.  The team played at the Coliseum for 4 years until
Dodger Stadium was ready. My dad was living in Lancaster, CA at that
time, working for McDonnell Douglas at Edwards Air Force Base, right
around the time Chuck Yeager was there pushing that little orange plane
of his to the limit.  My dad saw a few Dodger games at the Coliseum. 
Anyway, I should have gone to be a part of history, but by the time I
got around to looking for tickets, only standing room was left and I
wasn’t too excited about dealing with the traffic nightmare.  If you
were there, leave a comment and tell us how it was.

Get Well, Scott

SpieziodiveThe Cardinals did what they had to do after the news broke about Scott Spiezio’s latest drunken escapade involving at least 6 vodka cranberries, driving on the wrong side of the road, vomiting, punching out his friend, and hiding in a closet.  They released him.  The team’s been so damaged by alcohol abuse it’s starting to look like James Hetfield‘s liver. 

It’s hard to imagine what the 2008 Cardinals will be like without all the familiar faces like Edmonds, Eckstein, Rolen and now Spiezio. I will miss having Scott on the team.  After joining the team, Scott showed his enthusiasm by dyeing his imperial bright red and Cardinal fans responded by aping the facial hair.  Scott was definitely a fan favorite and very useful to the team as he could play multiple roles and often came through in the clutch. 

The team stood by Scott last year as he sought help for his booze
addiction, but this very public relapse proves one trip to rehab wasn’t
enough.  One would think seeing a teammate die from drunk driving last
year would be a wake-up call, but sometimes a person hits the snooze
button.  Let’s hope Scott wakes up this time and gets the
help he clearly needs.

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