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Game Haiku – 06/07/10 – Dodgers 12, Cardinals 4

Hope Dodgers got all
the scoring done tonight, since
I’ll be at next two. 

Playing Catch-Up

Well, I had slacked off in my haiku game coverage, but I didn’t want to give up my goal of actually writing a haiku about every game this season, so today I went back to early May and wrote 27 haikus!  Admittedly, some of them are lame.  Just look at Stephen King – when you’re that prolific, not every book is going to be The Stand.  There will be a few Tommyknockers.

This will be a big baseball week for me. I’m going to the games at Dodger Stadium on Tuesday and Wednesday, and I’ll be seeing the Cardinals in Phoenix on Saturday. That will be my first trip to Chase Field – exciting! Look for pics and reports coming soon. 

Game Haiku – 06/06/10 – Brewers 4, Cardinals 3

Kid catches Pujols’ 

homer in the chest, cries. Bruise 
will fade, mem’ry won’t.

Game Haiku – 06/05/10 – Cardinals 5, Brewers 4

Nice to see Aaron 

Miles back, gets key hit. Rasmus 
walk-off hit wins it.

Game Haiku – 06/04/10 – Cardinals 8, Brewers 0

Dazzling Wainwright gets 

his first complete game shutout 
with heaps of support.

Game Haiku – 06/02/10 – Cardinals 4, Reds 1

Cards know they can count 

on Carpenter for smooth trip
back to first place tie

Game Haiku – 06/01/10 – Reds 9, Cardinals 8

The good news: lots of 

offense. The bad news: one run 
short, fell out of first

Game Haiku – 05/31/10 – Cardinals 12, Reds 4

Rain plinks off tarp, then 

stops. But Cards don’t stop, racking 
up a dozen runs

Game Haiku – 05/30/10 – Cardinals 9, Cubs 1

Cubs fans scramble on 

Waveland, scooping up Pujols’ 
homers. He hits three!

Game Haiku – 05/29/10 – Cubs 5, Cardinals 0

Carlos Silva strikes

out eleven including 
Rasmus three times. Damn.

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