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Game Haiku – 9/25/16 – Cubs 3, Cards 1

Carlos pitches with
guts and heavy heart. Odd line-
up can’t crack Lester.

Appreciating the Experience of Vin Scully Appreciation Night

Last night, I attended Vin Scully Appreciation Night at Dodger Stadium, and it was a wonderful, heartfelt celebration of Vin’s career. I decided on a whim to go and bought tickets off StubHub a few hours before the game.  I’m so glad I did!

Upon arrival, we were given a lovely thank you letter Vin had written for the fans. It’s on nice card stock and came in a blue envelope.  It was neat to see that most of the fans had arrived in time for the 6:30 PM tribute. People tend to think LA fans don’t care because they show up late, but the reality is: TRAFFIC.  It took us almost ninety minutes to drive eleven miles to get to the game, as it was Friday and rush hour.


The evening began with a video tribute narrated by Bob Costas. Many Dodgers legends and other baseball heroes spoke about Vin in the video. They revealed Vin’s top two calls of all time (as voted by the fans):  (2) Sandy Koufax’s perfect game and (1) Kirk Gibson’s home run.  “In a year that has been so improbable, the impossible just happened,” said Vin of the Gibson homer, as Gibson limped around the bases. He put so much poetry into his work. What a gift to be able to come up with lines like that on the fly!


Vin’s broadcasting partner Charley Steiner was the emcee for the tribute. Jaime Jarrin, the Spanish language voice of the Dodgers, spoke about the honor of being Vin’s colleague for so many years. Sandy Koufax said that Vin used to go to church before World Series games – not to pray for a win, but to pray that no players would be the goat. He said Vin has a deep appreciation for anyone who has ever played the game and really cares about the players.


Mayor Eric Garcetti gave Vin a key to the city. Clayton Kershaw, Dodgers chairman Mark Walter and MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred said a few words. Kevin Costner spoke while music from Field of Dreams played in the background, and he brought most of us to tears (including this Cardinals fan).  I know the music helped stir emotion, but so did everything he said about Vin’s place in baseball history, which demonstrated how lucky we have all been to hear Vin for 67 years.  67 years!! Costner also made us laugh, referencing his brush with Vin in For the Love of the Game: “You called my imaginary name in my imaginary perfect game and nobody can ever take that away.”


Vin took the stage and expressed his gratitude to his family, the Dodgers organization, and especially to the fans. He received a long standing ovation.  We could see the emotion on his face and his wife Sandy’s face.  Vin said when people ask him what he’s going to do in retirement, he says, at age 88, he’s just going to be happy to wake up each day. He also said if he gets bored, he’s sure his kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids will think up ways to keep him busy.  And he closed his speech with his signature line: “It’s time for Dodger baseball!”


John Williams conducted a special arrangement of the National Anthem, played by members of the LA Philharmonic. We hoped he would stick around and play the Imperial March, but no such luck.


There was another great ovation for Vin, as they played a recording of him singing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” during the Seventh Inning Stretch and shone a light on him in the broadcast booth. They unfurled a banner from the press box that read: “I’ll miss you” (with Vin’s signature).  The Dodgers won the game, and the Friday Night Fireworks were punctuated with clips of Vin’s classic calls.

It was a long night, and we didn’t leave the stadium until after midnight, but it was great to be a part of baseball history.  I thought of Jack Buck often during the tribute. Jack and Vin are two icons, and having lived in St. Louis and Los Angeles, I feel very lucky to have experienced both of them as the baseball soundtrack of my life.  Happy Retirement, Vin, and thanks for the memories!

Check out all my pictures from Vin Scully Appreciation Night


Game Haiku – 9/23/16 – Cubs 5, Cards 0

Wong faceplants and we
all facepalm as sloppy first
inning undoes Cards.

Game Haiku – 9/20/16 – Cards 10, Rockies 5

Cards win fourth game in
a row, powered by Waino’s
four RBIs!

Game Haiku – 8/27/16 – As 3, Cards 2

Despite quality
Reyes start, game is ugly
like the throwback socks



Game Haiku – 8/25/16 – Mets 10, Cards 6

Cleat interference
should be a thing. Can’t just blame
ump. Waino got shelled.

Game Haiku – 7/31/16 – Marlins 5, Cards 4

Shirtless Dietrich whoops
after walk off triple. Back
each other up, Cards!


Game Haiku – 7/24/16 – Dodgers 9, Cards 6

AGon’s grand slam, and
five more runs: the horror of
Mike Mayers’ first start!


Home Run Derby – I Was There!

I had been to the Home Run Derby and All Star Game twice (2009 in St Louis and 2011 in Phoenix) and always had a great time. I was tIMG_2948empted to buy a ticket strip for the San Diego festivities but decided I shouldn’t spend the money at the time they went on sale. Of course, since then, I’ve still had the desire to go, and when I found out two good friends would also be visiting from out of town, I decided to get a last minute ticket on StubHub and come down from LA for a day trip to attend just the Fan Fest and Home Run Derby.

If I have to pick only one All Star event, I’ll always pick the Derby because it’s just so much fun to watch the homers soar out of the park. I like seeing the players hanging out and encouraging each other. I like the camaraderie and relaxed vibe.

I played the Stubhub waiting game and I never know when is the best time to jump on tickets there. I only needed a single seat. On the day before the Derby, I could have grabbed a standing room ticket in one of the bleacher-area holding pens/bars for $100. That was the best deal I saw but I waited too long. By Derby morning, the ticket was up to $180.  Then I saw another single seat pop up in the premier club behind home plate, about 25 rows back, for below face value at $220 so I grabbed it.  I am always torn between wanting to actually see the players swing from a good seat, and wanting to have a chance to catch a ball. In the end I decided I’d rather have a seat than do the standing room area, as I knew I wasn’t going to be able to get to the stadium very early to secure a spot.

I drove down to San Diego in the late morning to avoid traffic from LA, and I went straight to the Fan Fest at the convention center. This was similar to other Fan Fests I’ve attended. Tim Raines was posing for photos, as other players had done throughout the various days. There were many baseball activities for the kids, like batting cages and clinics.  I enjoyed the Hall of Fame exhibit (including Lou Brock and Grover Cleveland Alexander jerseys) and some of the baseball history exhibits, although they were retreads of past Fan Fests to some degree.

The big draw is always the store. They were giving away pins every hour and people queued up for that. They had a jersey factory set up where fans could custom jerseys with names and numbers. I liked the retro Padres uniform aesthetic they applied to the batting practice jerseys and caps, so I bought the Cardinals cap for the exorbitant cost of $44, then realized it didn’t have the All Star Game patch. I then found out I could have the patch applied for an additional $5! This was a real rip off and people were pissed off, especially because these hats with the patch were $39 on the MLB website. After I walked away with my cap, I looked at it and noticed that the patch had folded slightly during application and you couldn’t read the year, so I took it back. Someone behind me had a similar issue. The clerk explained the situation to her manager who actually rolled her eyes but allowed us to get replacement hats. If we’re paying that much, of course we want it to look right! Still, merchandise was flying off the shelves. We all needed to show the world we’d been there.

IMG_2903It’s a short walk from the convention center to Petco Park, although it was made longer by a security fence that had been erected around more than half the stadium.  I loved the view from my seat and enjoyed the waiter service – first time I’ve ever sat in a section that offered it. My seats also came with access to the Premier Club restaurant and bar, but I didn’t avail myself of it. I would have loved to have sat in the Western Metal Supply building seats as many homers went to them, but those seats were pricey.


Fall Out Boy opened the festivities with a few songs, and there was a military jet flyover that I couldn’t see as my seats were under an overhang. The format of the Derby made things go quite fast and created a lot of excitement to see who would advance in each round. Of course the highlight was watching Giancarlo Stanton win and set a new record with 61 homers during the course of the derby. It was just a thing of beauty to watch him crush the ball over and over, and he made it seem effortless.


After the Derby, many fans were enjoying the nightlife in the adjacent Gaslamp Quarter. I had no trouble with traffic as my car was about half a mile away in a lot near the convention center and it took a little while to walk over there. I met my friends at their hotel and didn’t end up getting back home until 1:00 AM but it was worth it! I think San Diego did a great job hosting, and I’m glad I was able to go.

You can check out all my pics here.

My All Star report from 2009 in St Louis

Game Haiku – 5/20/16 – Dbacks 11, Cards 7

Tejada pitched? Uh…
Clasp your Yadi gnome. Forget
game where you got it.


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