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Albert’s Derby Drama

Pujols started off slow, with 4 homers in the first round, but had a big second round to secure a tie for 3rd place in the home run derby.  He belted 9 homers in the 2nd round to bring his total to 13.  It was cute to watch Albert Jr. watching his dad.  As Albert had 8 outs and needed 3 more homers to tie Vlad Guerrero and acheive a swing-off for the finals, Albert asked his son, "Do you think I can hit 3 more?" Junior didn’t hesitate to nod affirmatively.  It all came down to the last swing, with 9 homers and 9 outs, but Albert’s final blast ended just at the warning track.  Still, a great show by Albert, and let’s hope he keeps hitting like that in the 2nd half of the season. 

Game Haiku – 05/04/07 – Cards 3, Astros 2

Pujols, bullpen drive
victory. Final score pays
tribute to Hancock.

Game Haiku – 04/25/07 – Cards 5, Reds 2

Pujols’ clutch double,
Edmonds’ diving catch: Now we’re
looking like my Cards

A Wild One at Wrigley

Wow, what an exciting game today!  It reminded me of the playoffs last year – when the Cards had a "never say die" attitude.  They just kept coming back today and eked out the victory.  It sure feels good to actually win a series at Wrigley for a change. 

Almost everyone contributed on offense today, which was necessary since Wainwright gave up 7 runs (can’t totally blame him though…the wind was not his friend).  It was great to see Edmonds get his first homer.  Kennedy ripped a double that brought in 2 runs. Duncan hit a homer. Pujols hit the game-winning 3 run homer in the 10th.  But I’d have to give star of the game honors to Scott Rolen who went 5 for 6, a new career best for him. 

The Cards handed the ball to Izzy with a 2-run lead in the 9th, but he allowed the Cubs to tie the game.  I won’t sound the alarm bells on Izzy for that one – the Cubs scored those runs on a crazy pop up that appeared to be foul then drifted back into play and just out of reach of several Wilson, Miles, and Pujols who were all giving chase. 

The Cubs broadcasters pointed out something curious:  The Cards have scored 10 runs or more for the 3rd consecutive Sunday. 

Sunday, Aprl 8 – 10 runs in 1 game
April 9 – 14 – 9 runs in 4 games

Sunday, April 15 – 10 runs in 1 game
April 16 – 23 – 12 runs in 6 games

Let’s hope we can break the pattern and keep the run production going strong this week. 

Game Haiku – Cards 12, Cubs 9

Crazy winds swirl in
back and forth battle; Pujols
strikes the final blow

Game Haiku – 04/18/07 – Giants 6, Cards 5

Pujols homers, but
Cards lose marathon game when
Hancock gives up hit.

Game Haiku – 04/16/07 – Pirates 3, Cards 2

Bottom of the ninth,
Bases loaded for Pujols:
Pop up quiets crowd.

Weekend Thrills

MlbextraI was excited to get back to LA yesterday and flip on the TV and discover that MLB Extra Innings was back on In Demand.  I promptly called Time Warner and ordered the package, so now I get to enjoy all the games this season without having to switch to DirecTV!

The good vibes kept up throughout the weekend as I watched today’s game and saw the Cards go on an offensive rampage.  What a relief to see Pujols jack two homers and get 5 RBIs!  Let’s hope this means he’s back to his old self.  Also thrilling was the terrific defense by our outfield.  Preston Wilson atoned for his 2 errors in the opening series vs the Mets with a spectacular running catch, and the usually shaky Duncan also made an acrobatic grab. And with the wind whipping around, no fly ball was a gimme today.  Duncan also homered and raised his avg. to .412!

The last bit of excitement this weekend was a star sighting – my dog briefly met Jake Gyllenhaal’s dog at a sidewalk cafe in Venice

Game Haiku – 04/15/07 – Cards 10, Brewers 2

What’s ailing Pujols?
Nothing today.  El Hombre
knocks two o’er the fence.

Cards reach .500!

Wow, that was an exciting game tonight!  I turned it on after watching American Idol (see my other blog for my weekly Idol recaps). It’s great to see a quality start from Randy Kiesler.  Of course we will miss Carp while he’s on the DL (thankfully it looks like he won’t need surgery just rest for arthritis and an impingement), but I do feel good about all the quality starts we’re getting from the rest of the staff. 

In the top of the 9th, with Eckstein on second and Duncan on first, Pujols hit a long fly ball that would have gone out if things were going better for El Hombre.  Still, it was good enough to advance both runners. Then Spiezio came to the plate, still recovering from yesterday’s bout with food poisoning, and smacked a single into right field to bring home the two runs and tie the game.

Thompson caused stress by getting into trouble in both of his innings, but he managed to recover and pitch his way out of jams. Hopefully, this appearance will do wonders for his confidence and he can get back to the world-beating form we saw in spring training. 

In the 12th, with the bases loaded, Schumaker hit a shallow fly to left and Oquendo had Bennett tag up and head for home.  A good throw would have got him, but Bay’s throw was a bit off-center and the catcher made a late tag and then dropped the ball.  Cards take the lead 3-2, and Izzy got the save.  Of course he walked the lead-off man just to make things interesting.😉

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