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Game Haiku – 05/18/09 – Brewers 8, Cardinals 4

Beer city battle
ends in Brewers sweep. Let’s go
cry in our Bud Lights.

Game Haiku – 05/17/09 – Brewers 8, Cardinals 2

Todd Wellemeyer
is having a bipolar
season. Crazy game.

Game Haiku – 05/16/09 – Brewers 1, Cardinals 0

“Anything you can
do I can do better,” says
Suppan to Adam.

Central Division Competition Heats Up in Haiku

I got an email from Dustin Block, a fellow haiku enthusiast and Brewers fan. Dustin’s blog is Brew Crew Haiku and features daily haiku game recaps. He challenged me to a haiku war during the 2-game Brewers/Cards series at the end of August. Unfortunately, I’ll be unable to accept the challenge since I’ll be at Burning Man without access to the internet or my cell phone, completely cut off from all things baseball.  But hopefully we can have a haiku duel down the road. I also noticed on Dustin’s site, there’s a blog called The Cubs in Haiku.  Now if somebody would just start haiku sites for the Astros, Reds, and Pirates, we could cover the whole division 5/7/5 style!

Game Haiku – 05/12/08 – Brewers 8, Cardinals 3

Yadi ejected,
turned fight with ump into a
Chippendales try-out

Check out the video of Yadier Molina fighting with the ump and leaving his catcher’s equipment scattered on the field in disgust. Tony got tossed too, for coming to his catcher’s defense. Tony kept his uniform on. 

Game Haiku – 4/17/08 – Brewers 5, Cardinals 3

A Prince finds his swing.
Fielder’s 10th inning homer
lifts Brewers past Cards

Game Haiku – 4/16/08 – Cardinals 5, Brewers 4

Izzy makes the ninth
scary but preserves win for
Wainwright who homered.

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