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Game Haiku – 04/11/11 – Cardinals 8, Diamondbacks 2

McClellan helps his
cause by plating two runs. Two
homers for Berkman!

Cardinal Girl is Bad Luck

Well, it’s taken me a couple weeks to get around to writing about the games I attended on the Cardinals’ recent ugly West Coast trip. I guess I was just in mourning since they lost all 3 games I attended (2 in LA, 1 in Phoenix).  Maybe I’m bad luck. Or more likely, Dave is bad luck, since the Cardinals lost every game he’s attended with me. But then, I only brought him to 2 out of the 3 games, so I guess the blame falls on me.  

First, I attended the Cards v Dodgers game on June 8, a pitchers’ duel between Kuroda and Carpenter. It was a tense one, but the Cards came up short. Then I saw them lose to the Dodgers on June 9. Anyway, I still had fun at Dodger Stadium and enjoyed the dodger dogs.  And there were a lot of Cards fans in attendance to commiserate with when the Cards got swept.
photo (7).jpg
Then, we went to Phoenix for the weekend to celebrate Dave’s birthday with his family, which conveniently coincided with the Cards’ visit to Chase Field.  I picked the June 12 game to attend, which was the worst of the three, with Adam Ottavino getting shelled and Dan Haren pitching like an ace.  
I enjoyed the visit to Chase Field and was able to score the best tickets I’ve had for a game, other than Spring Training.  We were about 12 rows up from the field, just near the Cards’ dugout and a little beyond first base. Dave brought his camera and I spent a lot of the game shooting pics.  You can check out all my pics here.  It was a nice, surprisingly cool night in Phoenix and they left the roof open.  

All teams have their slumps, and even the mighty Pujols has one now and again. I just wish the Cardinals’ slump hadn’t coincided with my rare opportunity to see them. My next in-person game will be July 22 in St. Louis against the Phillies, so you might want to place your bet on the Phillies now. 

Game Haiku – 06/13/10 – Diamondbacks 7, Cardinals 5

The agony of 

the walk off! Cards’ comeback marred 
by Chase Young’s homer.

Game Haiku – 06/12/10 – Diamondbacks 7, Cardinals 2

My first trip to Chase 

Field is marred by a shaky
Ottavino start. 

Game Haiku – 06/11/10 – Cardinals 5, Diamondbacks 2

Brendan Ryan pulls 

up his socks and pulls out of 
his slump: three-run shot. 

Game Haiku – 4/21/10 – Cardinals 9, Diamondbacks 4

Big ninth powers Cards
to new team record: winning
their first five series!

Game Haiku – 04/20/10 – Diamondbacks 9, Cardinals 7

Lohse allows seven
runs. Cards battle back but D-
backs always answer.

Game Haiku – 04/19/10 – Cardinals 4, Diamondbacks 2

Penny stays cool, works
out of jams. Holliday jacks
a two-run homer.

Game Haiku – 04/15/09 – Cardinals 12, Diamondbacks 7

Cards’ pitchers struggle,
perhaps grieving injured Carp?
Offense battles back.

Game Haiku – 04/14/09 – Diamondbacks 7, Cardinals 6

Cards lose a close one.
Bigger loss is Carpenter.
He’s injured…again…

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