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Sweep Leaves Cards Red-Faced

RetireelunchWell, sooner or later, the Cards were going to get swept in their new stadium. The Reds beat us while we were down, and we slipped out of first place. Ape Culture‘s curmudgeonly film critic Art Haarper, a longtime Cards fan, put it well:  "They are suffering from ARS (Albert Removal Syndrome).  The major symptoms are weak pitching and a general lack of offense.  It is quite similar to the AIS (Albert Ineffective Syndrome) they suffered in the last couple of playoffs." 


Welcome to Cardinal Girl

My co-editor over at thinks I should start a baseball blog.  She gets tired of hearing me drone on about Cardinal stuff the way Mike Shannon does after one too many Busches.  So here go…fasten your jockstraps and batting helmets, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

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