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Game Haiku – 04/26/2007 – Cubs 5, Cards 3

Reyes falters, but
Molina knocks one to Big
Mac Land.  Cards fall short.

Gane Haiku – 04/06/07 – Cards 4, Astros 2

In first start, Wainwright
rocks. He and Yadi turn squeeze
into double play.

Civil Rights Game Highlights

I’m watching the Civi Rights game on my new HD TV as I type this.  It’s very exciting to have HD in time for the season. Unfortunately, I don’t have Direct TV so not sure how many games I’ll be seeing…grrr…

Cards are looking ready for Opening Day tomorrow.  Great to see Albert hit a towering homer, and Molina has 2 hits so far.  Many contributors to the current 5-1 lead in the 5th.  Wainwright looks sharp, and it was funny to see him help his cause with a single that scored two. 

I plan to live blog during tomorrow’s Opening Day game.  See ya then!

Game Haiku – 08/07/06 – Cards 13, Reds 1

Yadi homers? And
Weaver only gives up one

run?  Dream or rebirth?

Game Haiku – 07/01/06 – Royals 8, Cards 7

Ponson sweats, Yadi
has topsy turvy play at
plate. Dizzying game.

Game Haiku – 05/27/2006 – Cards 4, Padres 3

Ponson returns and
gets a win.  Yadi saves game
instead of Izzy. 

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